Guillermo del Toro to direct Tarzan movie

180px-TarzanBk.jpgVariety are reporting that a new Tarzan movie is in the works, with Pan's Labyrinth helmer Guillermo del Toro in talks to direct. Script writer John Colle (Master and Commander) is also in negoatations for the movie. According to IMDB, therre have been 88 adaptations of Tarzan on screen before the turn of this century, with the later films drastically moving away from the character's original novel potrayl. By the sounds of it, Del Toro wants to re-visit the original idea of the character and you have to believe with the director's filmography that there is going to be lots of weird and wonderful fantasy elements put in. Del Toro said this to Variety... "I'd love to create a new version that is still a family movie, but as edgy as I can make it. There are strong themes of survival of a defenseless child left behind in the most hostile environment." On the script... "John will be writing it alone, as I'll be in production on 'Hellboy 2' and pursuing writing projects of my own. He's got a great sense of adventure and the wilderness." Could be a really epic movie if done in a King Kong type way. It depends what Del Toro wants to do it really. He is claiming he wants this to be family friendly so it's safe to say he won't go all Pan's Labyrinth on us. I know your initial reaction will probably be... WTF a Tarzan movie in 2008? That's just going to look incredibly dumb. Well yeah it could do, but a movie about an over sized gorilla in King Kong never looked dumb, so have faith. source - variety, coming soon
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