Gwyneth Paltrow Will "Probably" Appear in IRON MAN 3, and "Possibly" in THE AVENGERS

Watching Sunday morning TV through the fog of a hangover, I came across Gwyneth Paltrow on BBC2's magazine show "Something For the Weekend", cooking Crabby Patties and fielding the odd harmless question about her career. During one such exchange, and in response to host Louise Redknapp's probing, she may have confirmed that she will be appearing in Iron Man 3, reprising her role as Tony Stark's PA/carer/sometimes love interest Pepper Potts, as well as suggesting that she might get a brief appearance in The Avengers as well:
I'll probably be in Iron Man 3, Ill possibly be very briefly in the avengers... maybe... we'll see.
Now, this is hardly ground-breaking news, since we already know that Tony Stark and his Iron Man counterpart will play a major role in The Avengers, and that it would probably be safe to assume his trusty right-hand-lady would likewise appear, but it's still worthy of note. Given how she responded, and the huge constraints on The Avengers not to simply become a mess of too many characters, I'd say it's also safe to assume that her appearance will be no more than an obligatory nod to the existing, and presumably ongoing Iron Man series. Iron Man 3 is due for release in May 2013 and will begin pre-production around the same time as The Avengers is released next May. Also, for Glee fans, Paltrow also confirmed that she may appear on the Glee Live tour sometime in the near future:
Possibly. They've asked me to do a couple of little surprise things.
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