Halloween: 8 Reasons Why Michael Myers Is The Ultimate Horror Villain

Pure evil.

Compass International Pictures

If the massive success of the new Halloween movie released this month is proof of anything, it’s that Michael Myers still has the power to scare the ever-living daylights out of audiences even 40 years on from his big screen debut.

Of course, there are other reasons David Gordon Green’s Halloween is making a killing at the box office (pardon the pun). The movie marks a smart return to the Halloween franchise’s roots (that is, back when it was still good), and widely disregards its many subpar instalments.

It boasts the welcome return of the franchise’s best protagonist Laurie Strode too, with a brilliant performance from Jamie Lee Curtis. Above all, though, is the malevolent Michael Myers - still fuelling our nightmares all these years later.

But what exactly is it that makes Michael so very fearsome? How has he become such an icon of the horror genre, and what’s the secret behind his staying power?

Let’s take a look at what makes the murderous masked madman stand out amongst his contemporaries and how – even in one of the longest-running horror franchises – he’s still able to amp up the fear factor.


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