Han Solo Movie: Everything You Need To Know

A crime caper with cool cameos and Corellian curmudgeons? Count us in.

Young Han Solo

One month on from Rogue One's release, it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm have achieved the impossible: they've made a Star Wars prequel which the vast majority unashamedly enjoyed.

Pushing memories of clumsy gungans and sand-based speeches out of fans' minds, franchise overseer Kathleen Kennedy has shepherded in a new age for Star Wars - one where prequel isn't a dirty word.

star wars rogue one gif

Next up, Kennedy will attempt a doubly difficult task by producing the Han Solo movie. This one isn't just a prequel, but also revamp of the franchise's most beloved character, with a new actor playing the role.

If this fresh take on the scruffy-lookin' nerf herder can win over audiences, it could be the holy grail for Lucasfilm. Not just in terms of box office bucks, but also in the storytelling possibilities it could pave the way for.

It'll be a while until anyone knows for sure, but there's certainly a whiff of cautious optimism in the air, because all the info doing the rounds has been very promising...

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