Harry Potter: 10 Behind The Scenes Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

9. Flying On Nothing But Titanium And Wires

Harry Potter Wand
Warner Bros.

With the amount of time young witches and wizards spend on their brooms at Hogwarts, a lot of effort was needed to make this method of transportation look and feel as realistic as possible.

This became especially relevant in the newer instalments of the series where flying was the focus of a number of death defying moments. From the Hungarian Horntail to pursuing Death Eaters; producers needed a plan.

And since brooms wouldn't be flying through the air on their own most of the time, it was important to find the correct balance between the incorporation of both practical and virtual effects. To do so, the production team created a number of flying rigs which comprised of titanium brooms suspended by wires.

When shooting actors were asked to balance on these rigs to ensure that their movements were in line with what could be expected by truly flying this way. The method was especially helpful during quidditch scenes where the actors were often asked to collide with one another.

The rig was then surrounded by a green screen which allowed for an incredible CGI background to be incorporated into the scene post-production. This way, Harry and friends could fly around without things looking suspiciously fake.


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