Harry Potter: 10 Smartest Hermione Granger Moments

It’s fair to say Harry would have been pretty useless without Hermione...

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Hermione Granger was always the most intelligent student in Harry’s year. From the moment she arrived at Hogwarts she impressed both her classmates and her teachers with her hard work and mental fortitude.

Yet her fixation with academic brilliance and obeying authority was more than a little annoying in The Philosopher’s Stone. Thankfully, as time went on she was far more relaxed about breaking rules, and as such, she became likable as well as clever.

In addition to her dominance in the classroom, Hermione always played an essential role in Harry’s adventures. Her magical talent, her knowledge, and her ability to remain calm under pressure were almost unparalleled.

As such, there were a multitude of instances where Hermione was an invaluable asset to her two closest friends…

10. When She Told Harry Not To Go To The Ministry Of Magic – The Order Of The Phoenix

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Going to the Ministry of Magic to rescue Sirius was one of the stupidest things Harry ever did. Despite the fact Snape had been teaching him Occlumency (the magical defence of the mind against external penetration), Harry believed the vision of Sirius being tortured to be real.

Hermione, on the other hand, immediatley suspected the vision to be false. After hearing Harry’s recollection, she pointed out how Voldemort may have deliberately planted said vision in Harry’s head in order to lure him to the Department of Mysteries.

Of course, Hermione turned out to be right. Had Harry bothered to consider his friend’s advice, he would have saved everyone from a lot of pain and misery. Indeed, Sirius would not have been killed if Harry had just listened to Hermione’s logical argument.


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