Harry Potter: 12 Most Powerful Witches Ever

It's fair to say you wouldn't want to mess with any of these witches...

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There is little debate amongst Harry Potter fans about who is the most powerful character in the series. Albus Dumbledore was simply unmatched in terms of magical talent and skill. And despite how old he was during his final years, no one ever came close to bringing him down in a duel.

When it comes to the female characters, on the other hand, it’s much harder to decide who’s the best. Indeed, there are at least three or four witches who could be considered the most powerful. And in contrast to the wizards, the overwhelming majority of J.K. Rowling’s powerful witches are heroes, not villains – although there is one obvious exception.

Unsurprisingly, many of the following individuals are prominent duellists who have participated in a number of major conflicts throughout the series. Yet they possess plenty of other magical traits and quirks as well. Some of them are teachers or sportswomen, whilst others have an aptitude for potion brewing, healing, or cookery.


As such, though no witch is an obvious pick for the most powerful, there are plenty with an abundance of magical abilities…

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