Harry Potter: 5 Reasons You Need To Rewatch The Half-Blood Prince

If you don't think The Half-Blood Prince is one of the series' best, you may want to look again...

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Harry Potter is one of the greatest film sagas of all time, and there's nothing quite like putting on one of those beloved movies and settling in for a spellbinding couple of hours. But when you set about choosing which film to watch, how often do you pick the sixth instalment?

Sure, it features one of the most impactful deaths of the entire story, but other than that, why should you choose to watch it over the magical nostalgia of the first movie, or the dark and gritty nature of the third or fourth?

The Half-Blood Prince is often overlooked by the everyday Potter-viewer, but what it lacks in flash and colour, it more than makes up for in subtle beauty. The film is a delicate and intelligent part of the Harry Potter narrative, and has a very strong case for being regarded as the BEST of the HP movies. Yes, really!

From clever foreshadowing to capsules of cinematic gold, the Half-Blood Prince is packed full of hidden gems that make it a must-see movie! And if you've already seen it, this list will convince you to give it another watch...


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