Harry Potter: 5 Slytherins Who Were Heroes Not Villains

These Slytherins were some of the bravest people in the wizarding world...

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Slytherin House has a negative reputation. Before Harry even arrives at Hogwarts, he’s told by Hagrid that all the bad witches and wizards are in Slytherin.

This turns out to be largely (though not entirely) true. Draco Malfoy becomes the face of this house throughout the series. He’s selfish, mean, proud of his ancestry, and has an unhealthy obsession with the dark arts.

Yet there are plenty of worse individuals in Slytherin. Voldemort’s villainy was so grotesque he was willing to kill others and tear apart his own soul. What’s more, some of his followers were equally terrifying. Indeed, Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback were especially frightening.

Thankfully, there were some Slytherins who broke the mould. Given J.K. Rowling’s superb ability to write nuanced characters, certain members of this house were not as evil as they initially appeared to be. And there were also some Slytherins who were clearly good-natured people from the outset.

Though there are a number of honourable Slytherins in the original series, the more recent stories set in the wizarding world have also presented us with heroic individuals from this fascinating house...

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