Harry Potter: 7 Times Harry Was A Complete Idiot

Every teenager makes mistakes, but some of Harry’s decisions were unbelievably stupid.

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The titular character of the Harry Potter series goes on a considerable journey over the course of his adolescence. His various adventures – as fun as they are to read about – often involve pain, loss, and turmoil. As such, Harry grows mentally as well as physically throughout the series.

Whilst he’s always had a rebellious streak, this side of his character becomes more and more prominent the older he gets. This is particularly noticeable during The Order of the Phoenix when Harry is at the forefront of the revolt against Umbridge.

The combination of his rebelliousness and his heroism can sometimes backfire, however. There are multiple instances when Harry neglects wisdom and sense in favour of recklessness and knee-jerk reactions. Even with the help and influence of wise individuals such as Hermione, Dumbledore, and Lupin, he still manages to mess up from time to time.

Though some of his more idiotic decisions are understandable, others are much harder to forgive. Indeed, several of Harry’s actions were so moronic that he was very lucky to make it to the end of the series without any lasting injuries...

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