Harry Potter Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Luna Lovegood Or Phoebe Buffay?

Which eccentric but kind-hearted blonde said it?

Harry Potter Friends
Warner Bros.

Harry Potter and Friends share great media success across the globe. Despite their apparent differences, as Harry Potter is a magical fantasy and Friends is a lighthearted sitcom, both are highly regarded franchises. This is due to the incredibly endearing cast of characters shared by the two phenomenons.

But if we had to compare which two characters are the most alike, we'd 100% say Luna Lovegood and Phoebe Buffay! It's not hard to see why. Both of these characters have unique quirks, hilarious one-liners, and the same striking blonde hair. Although they are set apart from the rest of the characters in their respective series, Luna and Phoebe share the same resilience and innocence, making them extremely likeable.

The most distinctive feature of Luna and Phoebe's personalities is their eccentricities. These characters exist in their own worlds, unconcerned about their quirkiness. On occasion, they can have their heads in the clouds, but there's no denying that Luna and Phoebe are both warm-hearted.

Luna Lovegood and Phoebe Buffay may have similar lines, but can you remember who said what? To get a perfect score, you must be a huge Friends and Harry Potter fan! So, was it Pheebs or Loony-Luna?

1. "I'm Sorry, The Oven Mitts Really Freaked Me Out."


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