Harry Potter: Progressively Harder Fill In The Blanks Quiz

For obvious reasons, "Always" will not be on this list. Sorry Snape!

Harry Potter
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Oh, Harry Potter, you beloved series, you. As if the laundry-list of accomplishments and accolades, let alone adoration of its fanbase needs more repeating these days. Everyone and their sister's best friend's cousin knows the name of 'The Boy Who Lived' and the arch-nemesis who shan't be named.

Shockingly, for an entertainment powerhouse to the level of Harry Potter, there really aren't all that many noteworthy quotes in the grand scheme of things. Besides the iconic "Always" and "You're a wizard Harry!", there isn't exactly a multitude of character defining lines across the eight films.

The series may not have that "may the force be with you" offer that just can't be refused, or even the classic "how you doin'", but it still has some incredible one-liners.

From Harry Potter to Dobby, you will need to know the Potter world inside out to even come close to filling in all the blanks on this quiz.

Hardcore Potterheads, it's your time to shine. Here are 15 quotes taken from all eight films. Can you fill in the blanks?

Answers at the end!

1. "Dobby Is ____."


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