Harry Potter Quiz: Did It Happen In The Movies Or Books?

Better cast Reparo on your memory for this one...

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The Harry Potter books quickly became one of the most popular and high-selling book franchises of all time. So natrually, Hollywood came knocking to get in on that wizarding dollar and brought the magic to the movie screen.

But just like with every adaptation from book to movie, changes had to be made during the transition. While the first two books fit just about perfectly into film length, the page count per sequel started rising exponentially and changes just had to be made. Between cutting out some of our favorite scenes or simply changing up scenes in order to fit a theme better, the Harry Potter franchise ended up becoming a fairly different story depending on how you chose to consume it.

So, to the die-hard Potterheads out there who had to get seconds and have both read the books and seen the movies, the challenge is on the table:

Think you've got what it takes to tell which medium the following events took place in?

Answers at the end!

1. Dumbledore Calmly Asks If Harry Put His Name Into The Goblet Of Fire


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