Harry Potter Quiz: Did Luna Lovegood Say It?

You'll need to be a little loony to get a perfect score!

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood
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There are strange and whimsical characters everywhere in Harry Potter's world, whether at Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, or Diagon Alley, but none other are quite like Luna Lovegood.

This creative Ravenclaw student, complete with dirty blonde hair, eccentric beliefs, and a kind heart, is unafraid to show off her differences. This causes some Hogwarts students to avoid Luna at all costs, but instead of feeling alienated, Luna embraces herself wholeheartedly.

Luna Lovegood first appears in the fifth film of the Order of the Phoenix, where she sits in a carriage reading her father's magazine, The Quibbler, upside down! From this point forward, Luna is a recurring character in the series, providing a sense of brightness and innocence despite Voldemort's escalating threat. So, if you need someone who knows everything, there is to know about thestrals, nargles, and even dirigible plums, call Luna Lovegood!

Luna Lovegood had several iconic quotes throughout the series, but do you remember what she said? You must be a die-hard Harry Potter fan to earn a perfect score. So, do you think you know Loony Luna even better than her friends do? Let's see!

1. "That's A Curious Thing To Keep In Your Sock."


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