Harry Potter Quiz: How Well Do You Know Harry, Ron And Hermione?

Do you remember EVERYTHING about the wizarding world's Golden Trio?

Harry Potter
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While the Harry Potter franchise is packed full to the brim of memorable and lovable characters, there's a specific Golden Trio that stand in their own lane. We see the entire series through the perspective of the titular character Harry, and since his two best friends Ron and Hermione are almost always by his side, they're easily the people readers/watchers get to know best in the wizarding world.

Hermione Granger can be difficult to love due to her stubbornness to stick to the rules and her head inside books, but she's incredibly loyal and almost definitely smarter than you. Ron Weasley may come off a bit dopey on occasion, but his desire to grow out of the multiple shadows of his multiple brothers mean you've got a determined friend by your side. Harry Potter, through bravery and his dedication to those he cared about, proved that he wasn't a hero because he was 'The Chosen One', but he was 'The Chosen One' because he was a hero.

So, to the Harry Potter franchises biggest fanatics, how well do you remember this iconic wizarding trio?

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