Harry Potter Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince"?

Will you prove yourself to the biggest Harry Potter fan? Let's find out!

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
Warner Bros.

The Half-Blood Prince takes us into the sixth instalment in the adventures of Harry Potter in the wizarding world.

Harry, Ron and Hermione have returned to Hogwarts and life has become much darker. Lord Voldemort has returned and Dumbledore has recruited Professor Slughorn to teach Potions. This has freed up Professor Snape to teach his much desired subject Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Dumbledore has decided to work regularly with Harry in private lessons. In each one he visits a different memory from Voldemort's past, until they come across a memory that has been altered. Harry's mission is to get Slughorn to reveal the truth with what happened with Tom Riddle during his school days.

How much do you remember about "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince"? Do you have what it takes to score 100% on this ultimate quiz for Harry Potter fans? Only those who know everything there is to know about the sixth movie will be able to get every questions correct. Will you prove yourself to the biggest Harry Potter fan? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Where Is Snape Living When He Makes An Unbreakable Vow With Narcissa Malfoy?


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