Harry Potter Quiz: Match Severus Snape's Quote To The Movie

Snape's dialogue is unforgettable, but can you remember which movie these quotes came from?

Snape Harry Potter
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Severus Snape is a polarising character within the Harry Potter fanbase. But regardless of your own personal opinion, you can’t deny he’s incredibly entertaining.

The mystery of Snape’s true allegiance is one of the best enigmas in the series. Even in the first movie, we’re led to believe he’s the villain before discovering he’s been protecting Harry all along. And the final truth about Snape’s relationship with Dumbledore is a jaw-dropping moment in The Deathly Hallows.

But Snape is so much more than a plot element. Indeed, his dialogue is always memorable owing to Alan Rickman’s superb performance. He makes the most mundane sentences sound interesting by saying them in a slow, quiet, yet oddly frightening tone of voice. And whilst such a delivery is often used to intimidate students, Snape can be surprisingly funny, too.

For this quiz, you’ll have to match these Snape quotes to the correct movie. There are some iconic lines in here which will be easy to pinpoint. But some of the other quotes are much more challenging. Even if you’re obsessed with Harry Potter, getting full marks will not be easy.

1. “You Want To Be Careful. People Will Think You’re… Up To Something."


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