Harry Potter Quiz: Which Gryffindor Said It?

Do you have the courage of a Gryffindor to attempt this challenging quiz?

Harry Potter
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The four houses at Hogwarts are primarily responsible for the school's pride and distinguished heritage. Each year, new students are accepted and assigned to a house where they will study and compete for the remainder of their schooling.

Every single house at Hogwarts has its own qualities and colours to distinguish from. Slytherin is for the cunning. Ravenclaw is reserved for the wise. While most notably, Gryffindor is mainly for the bold and courageous, whereas Hufflepuff is for the gentle and considerate. However, the most important characters in the Harry Potter series are those from Gryffindor house.

Godric Gryffindor, an ancient English wizard, founded the house years ago with the intention that its members would be courageous and loyal. There's no denying that every Gryffindor in the Harry Potter books and movies exemplifies these traits. Even the Gryffindor logo features a lion to represent bravery.

The question we're asking die-hard Harry Potter fans today is, which Gryffindor house member said the following quotes? While some may be easy, others will require some serious thought. Do you believe you can obtain a perfect score?

Wands at the ready...

1. "It Kills, Saves Lives, Heals Wounds, And Most Of All, Brings Hope."


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