Harry Potter Quiz: Who Am I - Dumbledore Or Hagrid?

Two of Harry's greatest influences - but which one am I?

Harry Potter Quiz
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Harry Potter lived rather unfortunately for the first eleven years of his life... would be understatement of the year. Mentally abused and all-but abandoned by his aunt and uncle whose doorstep he was left upon at age one, Harry truly had no one for an entire decade of existence.

Once arriving at Hogwarts, Harry found refuge in multiple adults and peers for support, and only kept finding more sources of happiness and comfort throughout his years in the wizarding world. But no two parental figures ever matched up to Albus Dumbledore and Rubeus Hagrid.

Dumbledore was the mythic head of Hogwarts who showed equal compassion to all of his students, but for obvious reasons, always showed special interest in Harry. Hagrid, on the other hand, was especially close with James and Lily, and as such always felt a special connection to their only child. Both loved him as much as the other, as much as you could hope for growing up in such a scenario.

So, to the biggest fans of Dumbledore and Hagrid, the challenge is in the cauldron - which of the two do the following statements relate to?

1. I Delivered Harry To Privet Drive.


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