Harry Potter Quotes Quiz: Finish These Harry Lines...

"Well, I am the Chosen One!"

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How well do you know the Boy Who Lived? Could you name his favourite lesson? The spell he used the most? What he bought the first time he saw the snack trolley on the Hogwarts Express?

Of course you could. Over decades of fandom, we've now all grown to know Harry Potter as if he's our own friend or brother. We watched him grow up in unthinkable circumstances out of awful, unspeakable tragedy. We saw him grow into a skilled wizard, a great friend and eventually a family man and he became part of our home.

But even knowing him that well, do you think you're a real expert? Could you finish his sentences from the books and the movies? Here's your opportunity to prove it, with this fiendishly hard journey through all of Harry's most famous - and some obscure - lines.

Answers at the end...!

1. “I Had A Dream About A Motorcycle..."

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