Harry Potter: The Biggest Mistake Each Wizarding World Film Has Made

If only there was a spell to fix some of these....

Warner Bros.

The Wizarding World franchise might be almost 25 years old now, but it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Honestly, aside from Star Wars, it might just be the most beloved franchise in the world and that's more than understandable.

JK Rowling's books were tremendous and the film series, while weaker than the source material, was still an impressive achievement. It was a huge gamble to film all those movies back to back with the same actors, but Warner Bros pulled it off with flying colours and for the most part, the Wizarding World films are strong family movies.

Still, no franchise is perfect and not all of the films hit these heights. Additionally, issues such as bad child actors, iffy editing and hit-or-miss writing and directing have appeared occasionally across the films.

After the absolute disaster that was its most recent film, this franchise isn't in people's good books right now and in order for it to return to its former glory (and hopefully it will) in the upcoming third Fantastic Beasts film, these past mistakes must be avoided.

So, what is the biggest mistake each of the ten Wizarding World films has made? It's time to find out...

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