Harry Potter: The ULTIMATE Hermione Granger Quiz

Do you know it all about the Wizarding World's biggest know-it-all?

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There's a reason you ought to love Hermione Granger more than any other Harry Potter character. She's smart, she's loyal, she rescues hippogriffs from execution and she's nobody's fool. As the main female character in the series, she's long been a role model to young girls and know-it-alls all around the world.

But there's more to the brainiest of the main trio of characters in the Potter books and films than bookishness and a secret affection for Ronald Weasley. There's more to her than bushy hair, fierce loyalty and intellect. How much you remember of that might well prove how much of a Potter fan you truly are.

Will you be able to answer all these questions without a handy copy of Hogwarts: A History open? Answers at the end.

1. What Is Hermione's Middle Name?


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