Harvey Keitel Also In THE IRISHMAN? Is This Scorsese's Gangster Version of THE EXPENDABLES?

68 year old veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese is looking to celebrate his life, his friends and his filmography with The Irishman, a gangster film based on the Charles Brandt novel I Heard You Paint Houses, which we now know films late next year. It very much looks like this could be his version of The Expendables and right now he is intent on getting the band back together from his most famous films for one last hurrah. Not only that but he has lured in Al Pacino, an Icon of gangster cinema that he has surprisingly never worked with before, but his muse Robert De Niro has famously on multiple occasions. Just when you thought The Irishman couldn't get more nostalgic, it's been reported at Showbiz411 that Harvey Keitel - who Scorsese's put on the map in Mean Streets and Taxi Driver has contributed to Steve Zaillian's (American Gangster), De Niro and Joe Pesci's screenplay and that there's a role for him in the movie also. What a reunion this is proving to be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izcZPwhPXUU What's curious about Kietel's apparent strong involvement in the film is why Robert De Niro didn't mention the actor to MTV this week when he confirmed the film was happening next year, especially as he has just worked with his great friend on Little Fockers, where Kietel enjoys a cameo. Maybe Roger Freidman is doing what a lot of journalists do and write about what they think will happen as if it's the truth, but in any event it does seem to be a huge possibility that Kietel could be involved here. Certainly he would fit in with the rest of the cast. You can read more about The Irishman in our previous post HERE.
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