Is Chris Pine Secretly Green Lantern In Wonder Woman Movie?

Will Kirk join the Lantern Corps. after all?

DC are making movie headlines every other day with set leaks from the ongoing productions and more Batman rumours than you can shake a stick of Kryptonite at. But, as everyone knows (no matter how much the Rock seems to think he needs to keep confirming it), this is just the start of something much bigger. The DC Cinematic Universe is expanding and after Suicide Squad, but before the first part of Justice League, comes Wonder Woman. We already know it'll star Gal Gadot as the titular Amazonian (who will make her debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice) and will be directed by Patty Jenkins, but now wider casting rumours are starting to slip through. Chris Pine, the alternate timeline Captain Kirk, is reportedly in negotiations to star in the film as Steve Trevor, Princess Diana's love interest. Normally that'd be the end of the story until DC released a press release in the next couple of weeks, but this isn't the first time Pine's been linked to Marvel's rivals; he's been a favourite for a particular hero for years. He was a strong contender to play Green Lantern in the 2012 film, a part which he's probably thankful went to Ryan Reynolds (who isn't going to return - that movie's been pretty much buried), and over the past year has been the name most consistently linked to the 2020 reboot. That's a lot of copy to be thrown away on the equivalent of Jane Foster. Maybe they were all misplaced rumours born from the Trevor negotiations. Or maybe DC are planning to introduce the star of what's currently their last scheduled film earlier on a la the introduction of major JLA players in Dawn Of Justice. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time DC have pulled a casting switcheroo where a minor character is masquerading as a major comics figure - remember Henry Ducard as Ra's al Ghul and Miranda Tate as his daughter Talia in The Dark Knight Trilogy? Is Pine Green Lantern? Or is he actually Trevor? Throw out you thoughts in the comments?

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