twilight-zone-the-whole-truth-hasbro You know the stereotype used car salesman who bring the act of "Indian rubbing stretching the truth" as Rod Serling once called it to every customer interaction - that's kind of the feeling I get from Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner when talking about his toy properties that are to be made into movies by Universal. It's not particularly that I think he is a liar but he just has one of those faces who when he is trying to sell me an idea of things, I always think he is plotting to sell me an unreliable car. And with Stretch Armstrong, Battleships, Candy Land and most of all Monopoly, he's surely gotta a lot of selling to do. I don't in the slightest need these movies, and doesn't he realise that Ridley Scott attaches himself to a dozen projects a year and it's logistically impossible for him to actually make all of them? Out of Alien 0.5, Brave New World and countless others, something has gotta give. This quote about Monopoly just sums it up all. Does he actually say ANYTHING here; can someone please decipher this quote into something that does not resemble salesman speak...
Well Ridley did have an idea. He grew up on €œMonopoly€ over in the UK and €œMonopoly€ is a brand that€™s all over the world. But for Ridley, he€™s always been a guy that€™s created these great big worlds and so for us, €œMonopoly€ is this great big world that will look like our world but of course there are certain things about it that make it uniquely a €œMonopoly€ kind-of-world.
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