Have The Weinstein Company actually seen Control?

Control’s US distributors make a very bizarre request to Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook.

There€™s a new weekly men€™s magazine in the UK called Shortlist. It€™s pretty good from the issue I read and if you€™re fretting about adding another costly magazine to your collection then don€™t worry because free is the magic number €“ Shortlist costs nothing! They like their €œtop tens€ at that mag and if they ever do the top ten movie websites list then hopefully Obsessed With Film makes an appearance (nudge nudge, wink wink!). A recent bit they ran caught my eye and it concerned former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook. Hook has been doing some promotion for Ian Curtis biopic Control and a representative from The Weinstein Company, the film€™s US distributor, called him with an odd request:
"Someone from the film's US distributor's office phoned up saying that the New York premiere was on 25th September and would Joy Division play? "I replied, 'Well, the last I heard, the lead singer was dead but I'll give them a ring and see if anything has changed'."
Curtis is probably too busy jamming with Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Moon and Sid Vicious to return the call.

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