Could Hawkeye Be In Captain America 3?

Will Hawkeye finally get some of the spotlight?

Jeremy Renner has hinted that Hawkeye may be given a role in the third Captain America film. The actor recently confirmed 'rumblings' of the third film, and noted that he has a busy schedule with upcoming movies in a Collider interview. Jeremy Renner€™s character was given a small cameo in the first Thor film, and became one of Loki€™s mind controlled minions in The Avengers. Due to these underwhelming roles it has been suggested that Hawkeye will receive a leading role in The Avengers 2, although this is speculation at the moment. By including Hawkeye in the sequel to The Winter Soldier, Marvel could give the character the screen time he deserves rather than have him in the background. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding rapidly in recent years. It now crosses from television to cinema, and will soon include a number of Netflix shows. Given this expansion, there is a risk that some of the less leading characters could be lost in the background. Including Hawkeye in the third Captain America film would certainly be a reasonable way to prevent him from fading into the distance. The Russo brothers, directing the film, have refused to comment directly but have noted that Cap works with an abundance of different characters in the comics. This ambiguity prevents them from making any promises considering that the film is still some time away from beginning production. Scarlett Johansson€™s portrayal of Black Widow in The Winter Soldier sent her character from eye candy and action star to a much deeper character. This transformation improved the character incredibly, and Renner is probably hoping for a similar treatment if he is given a role. The Winter Soldier ended with Bucky going on the run, so Hawkeye could be included in the search to find Cap€™s missing WWII ally. Unlike the rest of the Marvel movies, Cap€™s stand alone movies have more room to include other heroes as there are fewer supporting characters from the first film. Agent 13 (played by Emily Vancamp) and The Falcon (portrayed by Anthony Mackie) could be set to play a bigger role in the future as they were introduced in the most recent movie, but Hawkeye€™s involvement could force one of them out. Captain America Three is set for release in 2016.
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