Hellboy: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

Lobster Johnson: hero to all, Easter Egg to many.

Hellboy Easter Eggs
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Despite some scathing reviews - from critics and fans alike - Hellboy does a lot right in terms of the original source material, featuring as much of it as the film possibly can in its runtime.

Admittedly, this may be one of the complications within the movie, as there's just so much comic content stuffed into the film that it can at points feel like a series of different comics jumbled together.

But in terms of easter eggs, nods to the series as a whole, and references to the source material, this issue in terms of pacing results in an ungodly amount of moments where even the most obscure panels get their moment in the sun.

It's also impressive to consider the sheer level of care taken to translate so much from the comic into a different medium - even if that medium did involve making several characters put on a questionable British accent.

The easter eggs and references found in Hellboy are pretty much the best thing about it - so it's a good thing it has a whole heap of them.

20. Darkness Calls

Hellboy Easter Eggs
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With much of Hellboy: Darkness Calls not being featured within the overall story of the film, it is interesting how specifically Chapter Four plays an important role within it.

As indeed, the reclaiming of Nimue's head - and the murder of the monks that reside in the church her head is hidden within - is played almost panel for panel the way it is in the comic, aside from the inclusion of a little extra gore here and there.


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