HELLBOY II t.v. spot!

I would be quite happy to advise people to save the money they have put aside for The Incredible Hulk to see this movie instead!

Guillermo del Toro's last non LOTR movie for at least half a decade will open on July 11th (August 22nd U.K.) and it is of course the sequel to the fun 2004 comic book spectacular Hellboy. The sequel titled Hellboy II: The Golden Army looks as openly fun as the original if just slightly more on the epic scale. If you ask me, this will probably be the last Hellboy movie ever from del Toro because I don't think he will want to do another franchise film straight after his epic time on The Hobbit and all those original projects he had invested himself in up until this point will take priority. So then your talking 7, 8 or 9 years before another Hellboy venture? Don't think anyone will still be interested then. Here's a new t.v. spot for the movie that was shown last night during the ad breaks of American Idol in the U.S...


Advice for movie fans. DON'T GO AND SEE THE INCREDIBLE HULK... save your money and see this instead, then follow it up with The Dark Knight the week after. You won't regret it! source - coming soon

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