Hellboy Quiz: Who Said It - Ron Perlman Or David Harbour?

Who the hell said it?

Hellboy Ron Perlman David Harbour
Columbia Pictures

Though the recent Hellboy reboot didn't exactly set the world on fire - quite the opposite, actually - David Harbour's solidly charismatic performance at least reminded fans why the character deserves a hit franchise actually worth a damn.

The 2019 film of course pales massively in comparison to Guillermo del Toro's sublime 2004 and 2008 Ron Perlman-starring Hellboy movies, a third entry of which failed to launch due to the series' tepid commercial performance.

But across the three films, both Perlman and Harbour have been gifted their fair share of cheeky and memorable one-liners, with a charming enough consistency that you'd be forgiven for not quite remembering which version of the red-skinned superhero they came from.

Given that Hellboy II: The Golden Army was released over a decade ago and, er, people forgot about 2019's Hellboy pretty damn fast, it's a quiz that might prove a little more challenging than it first appears.

And so, put your Hellboy fandom to the test as you try to distinguish one Red Devil from the other. Good luck!

1. "So, I’m Devil Spawn And A Nazi. Great. Thanks, Dad."


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