HELLRAISER remake needs a new director!

I'm not sure what's going on behind-the-scenes with the Hellraiser remake at Dimension but they just lost another director in their quest to update the franchise for the 21st century. According to Clive Barker's Twitter account (I'm presuming it's real because Bloody Disgusting are a respectable source, although I would have expected him to have more followers), director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs) is "regrettably no longer on the Hellraiser remake". hellraiser-pinhead After at least three or four other writer/director teams were brought onto this remake, Laugier finally seemed to be the one they were pinning their hopes on. He had stayed with the production for the longest amount of time and had always spoken excitedly about what he planned to do with the new Hellraiser. Where Dimension Films go with this remake now, is anyone's guess but I would be quite happy to see this project canned after at least three years of failed attempts. Sometimes you just gotta let go.

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