Henry Cavill vs Brandon Routh: Who Was The Better Superman?

two superman Man of Steel is currently soaring sky-high across the worldwide box office, and though there has been mixed reviews from the critics, many of the big blue Boy Scout€™s fans have adored Zack Snyder€™s rough and tough science fiction extravaganza. But if there€™s one question burning on every fan€™s lips, it€™s the comparative one: who filled those red boots better, Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh? For some this may be a simple answer, but here we€™re breaking down the Man of Steel bit by bit €“ if Zack Snyder can forego the staple kiss curl and the vibrant red pants, we can deconstruct both Supermen down to their very last scenes.

Who had The Best Relationship With Lois Lane?

superman returns The daughter of an Army general and a military brat, Lois Lane is a pivotal character in Superman€™s Metropolis. With her quick-wit and sharp tongue, Lois has a mesmerising talent of getting herself into the most bizarre situations, only to be saved by the Man of Steel himself. But at the core of any Superman film, television series, or graphic novel, is the relationship between Lois Lane and Superman. Routh€™s depiction of Superman was certainly a caring one and, at all times, Lois was at the forefront of his mind €“ as it should be. His relationship with Lois as Superman wasn€™t electrifying, but Routh portrayed Superman€™s character as gentle and forgiving. He gave off a certain allure, and even though he never kissed Lois, you could feel his undeniable love for her in those sparkling blue eyes. Lois Lane 2 In Snyder€™s epic telling, Cavill€™s Superman was much more grounded, but his love for Lois was clearly evident. Adams and Cavill€™s spark, unlike Bosworth and Routh€™s was electrifying €“ you could see it from the very moment they met within the Fortress of Solitude. Lois was scared, but his calming demeanour allowed her to see he wasn€™t an alien, but a human, just like her. And when they kissed for the first time, the audience held their breath. Winner: Henry Cavill - For his sheer chemistry with Lois, Cavill wins this round.

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