Hereditary Movie Ending Explained

Hail Paimon!


A24’s latest addition to the horror world, Hereditary, is already making waves amongst cinemagoers the world over. Marketed as a family discovering dark secrets entwined with their heritage after the matriarchal grandmother passes away, the film is a nose dive into the darkest of supernatural occurrences - serving to only get more intense, grotesque, and shocking as the narrative slowly unfolds. Offering suggestive hints throughout rather than giving anything away outright for the most part, there’s plenty to unpack when it comes to the driving force of Hereditary’s spooky bits.

Especially when it comes to that ending. A major shift in tone from the rest of the movie, the interpretive stylisation of the film quickly gives way to a terrifying context, and much in the same way the Sixth Sense changed everything in its finale, Hereditary's ending changes the way the film functions on any viewing after the first, even more so with a little extra information and some digging into its meaning.

Obviously, this will contain spoilers, so come back once you’ve seen the film if you don’t fancy finding out what happens.

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