Here's An Exclusive Zootopia 2 Pitch From One Of The Movie's Stars

Nate Torrence has some ideas for his directors.


Zootopia has just hit home video in the UK (I guess I should actually call it Zootropolis, then), and to mark the release we got to sit down and chat with Nate Torrence, who played desk clerk Clawhauser in the film (really nice guy btw, and when I say that about actors I've met I'm not just being kind).

We talked all sorts, from growing up with Disney to how his role was almost very different in the film (keep an eye out for the full interview in the coming days), but perhaps the most intriguing part of the interview came at the end when discussing the possibility of a sequel, hoping that his part was a little bigger:

WhatCulture: I've gotta ask. There's been a lot of talk of a sequel. A story broke today where the directors said they were discussing it. Have you heard anything you can tell us about it all. What would you like to see happen, if you can say anything, with Clawhauser or with anything else.


Nate Torrence: I mean, yes, of course. I think everyone and anyone who's a part of it would be thrilled to go another round with it. Especially seeing how much it's been embraced and the characters have truly been loved. I think what Disney does great is they create worlds rather than plots. So that's what I think's cool is that rather than it being "what plot am I going to look at?", I just see Zootopia as this giant world that they could continually go at. My personal secret goal is that it would something that's obviously another case for Nick and Judy and maybe Clawhauser gets to tag along a bit.

WC: A trio instead of a duo?


NT: I wouldn't mind getting out in the field to help old Judy and Nick through it. Get him out from behind the desk. I think that could be fun.

WC: Well I'll put this online and see what the directors think.


So there you have it. If Clawhauser does wind up being an essential part of the sequel, then you heard it here first.

Zootropolis is on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD in the UK now.

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