How Loki Fixes Avengers Endgame’s Biggest Plot Hole

Well... at least half of you were right.

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If you're anything like me, the current pre-Phase 4-really-kicking-in energy of the MCU brings with it a mix of love and nostalgia for the last decade or so, alongside nervous excitement on where we go from here.

Will the new cast live up to the old? Can anything top literally watching a cinematic universe come together and pay off across a whole decade? Will Frog Thor ever get out that jar in Loki's fifth episode??

Questions, questions, questions, but if there's one thing Marvel fans always have a blast dissecting, it's answers to those questions.

Of all the positive, celebratory vibes that came from closing out Endgame in 2019 then, there was one notable talking point about its time-travelling plot that not even the creators themselves could explain.

To break this down, let's first quickly recap the events of Endgame, and what led to such a gaping plot hole in the first place.

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