How Many Days Does Nyles Relive In Palm Springs?

5. Stage Two: Minor Days & Days Mentioned

palm springs

One of the most entertaining aspects of the movie is the various quick cutaways and small slivers of dialogue which confirm the many wild experiences Nyles had lived through during the time loop. Let's dig in, then.

Early on, Nyles mentions that he's "done a lot of suicides."

Though there's no wider hint at the number of times he's killed himself, given the many different types of suicide and the likelihood he's repeated some methods, it's reasonable to believe he's probably offed himself at least 100 different times. That's +100 days.

Then he's shown being hunted by Roy, who is seen killing him five different ways - shot with a bow, electrocuted, waterboarded, whipped, and burned - though it seems rather unlikely these are the only times Roy has murdered him. So, let's just say for argument's sake that Roy's killed him at least 100 times.

Nyles also mentions that Roy lives in Irvine, which is about a two-hour drive from Palm Springs, and so only comes around every few days or weeks. If Roy takes two weeks for an assassination attempt, 100 x 14 = +1400 days.

And then there's all the sex. Nyles confirms to Sarah that he's had sex with Daisy, Darla, and Jerry, and also tried it on with Tala, which with five days of planning per "conquest" and perhaps a more concerted 10-day failed effort with Tala, brings us to +25 days.

But the biggest boost comes from Nyles saying he's had sex with Sarah "like a thousand times," and even if he's not being literal, the implication is that they've hooked up a few hundred times in the very least (let's say 300).

Add to this a few early days where Nyles had to figure out how to hook up with Sarah in a single day (+10 days) and we're at +310 days for Sarah hook-ups alone.

And let's not forget that Nyles also talks about the time he "smoked a bunch of crystal and made it all the way to Equatorial Guinea" (+1 day).

The total minor days seen or mentioned comes to 1,836 days, which combined with the linear 23 days of the main story becomes a running total of 1,859 days (or just over five years).

And now we're really getting into the nitty-gritty as we consider the days merely implied...


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