How Much Do You Know About The Transformers Movies?

Their war. Our world. And this quiz, of course.

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Among so many great movies and series of the 1980s, The Transformers earned a special position as an animated classic. The stories of Autobots and Decepticons fighting each other continued for decades in the form of animated series, but in 2007, Michael Bay's first live-action adaptation came out, with five more movies being released in the following decade.

This cinematic version of the Transformers is very distant from the original version, with robots being more "alien" and the focus being primarily on the chaotic action. And while some of the films have not been very well received, they have built a very rich, unique mythology that is often overlooked.

This quiz explores the saga from end to end, to test how far your knowledge of the Cybertronian lore goes. To make it fairer for all those people who have not seen it, the 1986 movie has been left out of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Where Did The Final Battle Of The First Transformers Take Place?


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