How To Interpret Big Star Wars Episode 7 Spoiler

What should we actually make of the spoiler that shocked the web?

Episode 7 Director J.J. Abrams is known for his patented Mystery Box approach to filmmaking. In the past he€™s kept plot points and character details close to his vest so fans can enjoy his latest movies spoiler-free. Unfortunately for Abrams, the production of Episode 7 is leaking rumours like a sieve and one massive plot point has just dropped (SERIOUSLY HUGE POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOLLOW): According to the website Making Star Wars, the feature will include a scene where Episode 7€™s protagonist, Kira, confronts a monster that's rumoured to be living in a cave on a distant planet. It turns out the Monster is none other than Luke Skywalker, the hero of the original Star Wars Trilogy. What makes this revelation earth-shattering to Star Wars fans is that it turns out Luke has turned to the Dark Side and is, in fact, a villain. Keep in mind that none of this has been officially verified and could be nothing more than wild speculation. However, hardcore Star Wars fans may be bummed out by this alleged turn of events because the whole point of Return of the Jedi was that Luke forsook the Dark Side and redeemed his father Darth Vader in the process. Luke becoming a villain later on defeats the purpose of the original trilogy. But, is this spoiler as straightforward as it seems? There is another way to interpret this encounter in a cave besides Luke simply being a villain. If we look back to The Empire Strikes back, we know that part of Luke€™s Jedi training involved Yoda sending him into a cave to confront his greatest fear, which turned out to be a vision of Vader. Could this spoiler actually be a similar scenario that occurs in the middle of the film rather than the end? Could this simply be a matter of Luke testing Kira to determine her Jedi worthiness? Also, it€™s important to note that in Episode IV Obi Wan used his Jedi powers to sound like a massive beast to frighten Sand People; so, Luke might be doing something similar in his cave, hence the rumors that it€™s occupied by a monster. While many fans are crestfallen at the possibility Luke may be a villain, our alternate interpretation offers a new hope. What do you think? Has Abrams jumped the shark on the new Star Wars trilogy already? Or, is this just a crafty twist he€™s put into the plot to thrill his audience while paying homage to the original trilogy? Let us know in the comments.
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