How Well Do You Know Disney Villain Sidekicks?

"I'm surrounded by idiots." - Scar.

Jafar Iago

Disney villains love to hog the spotlight, but they'd be nothing without their trusted sidekicks. Whether you're a fur-loving and puppy-hating heiress, a ruthless Hun chieftain, or the ornery leader of the underworld, it's essential to have one (or more) sinister supporter.

What would Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' Evil Queen do without her passive-aggressive mirror? Could Cinderella's Lady Tremaine concoct evil schemes without the support of Lucifer? Can A Bug's Life's Hopper be considered a "leader" without the support of his brother, Molt, and the rest of the grasshoppers?

Sure, sometimes sidekicks can be more of a liability to a villain's dastardly plan than a helpful accomplice, but even bad guys need friends—or a fall guy to keep their hands clean. Can you identify the sinister sidekicks based solely on the Disney villain?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Is Jafar's Accomplice?

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