How Well Do You Remember The Untouchables (1987)?

Let's see how Gangster you really are... with a quiz!

Jinxworld / Paramount Pictures

When you think of the genre of Criminal-Gangster movies, what’s the first film that that springs to mind? Scarface? Once Upon a Time in American? Carlito’s Way? The Godfather Trilogy? All fine picks. But how well do you remember Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables?

Based on real events of the Prohibition Era of the United States of America, Agent Eliot Ness is determined to take down mastermind gangster Al Capone but can’t do it alone so he creates a small team to help him. One stand-out member is Jim Malone, portrayed excellently by Sean Connery, a smart man who warns Ness that if he goes after Capone, he is asking for War.

It’s a very exciting flick, with plenty of action sequences, awesome fight scenes and a terrifically strong ensemble cast all round. The costumes are gorgeous and De Palma knows how to create suspense. It may not be the most well-remembered movie of the 1980s but it’s still a very enjoyable film which holds up tremendously after thirty years.

If you’ve seen this film, whether it was a year ago or thirty years ago, it’s time to test your knowledge on The Untouchables. And to those who haven’t seen this flick, go watch it now, and we’ll see you back here in about two hours.

Answers at the end!

1. What Year Is The Movie Set?


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