How Well Do You Remember Toy Story 3?

"Spare parts, super glue, and enough fresh batteries to choke a Hungry- Hungry Hippo."


Toy Story 3 is the third and (as it stands) latest instalment of Pixar's Toy Story series. Released back in 2010, it was directed by Lee Unkrich, who edited the first two movies and co-produced the second.

The third movie sees favourites such as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Rex, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, Rex and the rest of the gang return. Their story is of an accidental garbaging instead of being put in storage whilst their owner Andy goes off to college and their race to get home before he returns. An extra addition to the movie was an emotional depth not reached before in previous Toy Story movies. Definitely a tear jerker!

Following its prequel instalments Toy Story 3 went on to be very successful grossing over $1 billion worldwide, becoming the highest grossing movie of 2010 and at the time the fourth highest in general. It won 61 awards and was nominated for 91, winning 2 Oscars and being nominated for another 3.

But how well do you remember Toy Story 3?

Answers at the end!

1. How Old Is Andy Now?


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