Hugo Weaving Re-Teams With The Wachowski's On CLOUD ATLAS?

All the news regarding The Wachowski's next picture Cloud Atlas, at least what we think will be their next picture, has come from everyone involved in the project except the director siblings themselves. Last November we heard from Halle Berry that she was on board for the adaptation of David Mitchell's 2004 Man Booker Prize winning novel that would the film this summer with Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman, but then Portman announced in January that the movie was still up in the air because financing wasn't secured. Hanks has since filled up his schedule for the year and Portman is now pregnant. Even Ian McKellen (now on The Hobbit) who had been offered a role is likely to be unavailable, though James McAvoy, also offered a role, has a free schedule. And now a tweet from book company Hachette Australia reveals that an alumni of the Wachowski's most iconic work is to team with the directors again;
€œActor Hugo Weaving has said he is working on the film adaption of David Mitchell€˜s Cloud Atlas with the makers of The Matrix!€
No word on who Weaving would be playing but in a way it is Portman that has brought the whole talent together. She is the one who fell in love with the book whilst making V For Vendetta, a Wachowski produced movie where she recommended the book to them. Shen then did the same with Tom Tykwer, for whom she was working with on Paris Je'Taime. Then The Wachowski's (as directors) and Tom Twyker (as writer... though it's presumed he will direct certain periods of the novel) began developing what would be a film adaptation, Portman was delighted to jump on board, and now Weaving, her co-star on Vendetta, looks to have followed suit. Mitchell€™s Cloud Atlas is broken down into six different perspectives, all set at different time periods spread over thousands of years from 19th Century south pacific voyage to a post-apocalyptic Hawaii but are still somewhat connected to each other. Sometimes by suspense, sometimes by historical events and sometimes by pathos. All these different perspectives are also like their own different genre€™s (there€™s one set in the future which is pure dystopian science fiction) which many might find frustrating about the book and you would automatically think would make it un-filmable as a literal and faithful translation. Could this one really be gearing up to film this summer?

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