Hunter Killer's Explosive New Trailer Teases World War 3

And an all-star cast including Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

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Lionsgate Films have dropped the latest trailer for their upcoming action thriller, Hunter Killer, in anticipation of its October 26th release date. The new look at the movie dives deeper into the plot, about the impending breakout of World War 3 after the Russian President is kidnapped by his own defence minister and held hostage on a marine base.

Sent in to break him out before international tensions boil over, Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) has to cross into waters no other American military vessel has ever broached, in order to free the politician. The footage shown off so far seemingly does that outrageous set-up justice, promising a tense political thriller that's not exactly lacking in spectacle and bombast.

The UK trailer is a particularly great showcase for the film's all-star cast as well, including the aforementioned Butler but also Academy Award winner Gary Oldman, the late Michael Nyqvist in his final film role, Linda Cardellini and Common. It looks suitably intense, and with a cast like that, it's no doubt going to be a pretty big draw come October.


Don't believe me? Decide for yourself by watching the trailer below.

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