I didn't like THE EDGE OF LOVE when it was known as ATONEMENT!!

Kiera Knightley covers the same ground.

Didn't I see this movie last year - wasn't it called Atonement? Kiera Knightley's latest dramatic piece of work is another World War II drama where she gets to wear some pretty 40's style clothing and outrageously red lipstick. The look really suits her pouted mouth though doesn't it? She was born to play 40's ideals and it's no surprise she has done another movie in this genre so soon.

The storyline of this one is that she plays opposite against Sienna Miller in attempting to win the love of a charismatic and handsome poet Dylan Thomas, played by Matthew Rhys and you also have Cillian Murphy in their to add a bit of complexity to this love tale.

You may remember that Lindsay Lohan was to star opposite Knightley in this project before dropping out due to personal trouble last year and I'm certain the acting would have been just as bad from her but really, Sienna Miller is not much better. I've said this before about her, if she doesn't open her mouth she can be interesting to watch (think the dancing scene in Layer Cake) but as soon as her gob opens... I can't watch her.

The movie is from John Maybury who directed Knightley in The Jacket and it's due out on June 20th in the U.K. Hopefully it's better than Atonement!
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