Idris Elba In Talks To Play Star Trek 3 Villain

Will he be the most bad-ass Klingon of all time?

Idris Elba Star Trek The Star Trek movies are only as good as their villains and after the last entry used the franchise's best in Khan, the question of where the saga turns to next has fascinated every fan since Star Trek Into Darkness' release two years ago. Now Variety doesn't quite have the answer to what character we can expect to see troubling the Enterprise this time around, but they do know which Hollywood A-lister is likely to play him. Luther and Thor actor Idris Elba is reportedly in early talks to take the lead villain role in the still untitled Star Trek 3. As you can probably expect from the J.J. Abrams team, details of exactly which character from Star Trek lore (or whether it'll be someone new) Elba would be portraying is being kept tightly under wraps. Certainly Into Darkness heavily hinted towards a pending Klingon vs Federation war and the casting of someone the size and stature of Elba could lend itself to that scenario. Star Trek 3 will once again feature Chris Pine (as Kirk), Zachary Quinto (as Spock), Karl Urban (as Bones), Zoe Saldana (as Uhura), Simon Pegg (as Scotty) and Anton Yelchin (as Chekov) on another voyage of discovery in the U.S.S. Enterprise. J.J. Abrams, who rebooted the saga by producing and directing the last two movies, has this time stepped aside from the director's chair in favour of helming the forthcoming Star Wars Episode VII. Fast And Furious' Justin Lin is instead behind the camera, working on a script by Doug Jung and Simon Pegg. Paramount are set to release Star Trek 3 on July 8th, 2016... a date which coincides with the 50th Anniversary of the Trek franchise.
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