If You Hated Batman V Superman, You'll Still Hate The Extended Edition

So says the film's own cinematographer...

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Warner Bros.If there's anything you can give Zack Snyder and his film-making team credit for on Batman v Superman, it's their committed "do not give a single f*ck" attitude about the film's reception.

Snyder basically batted away criticism by saying it wasn't for critics and now cinematographer Larry Fong has heralded the news of the upcoming extended edition of the film by saying it won't change anyone's minds.


That shouldn't come as any surprise really. It's unlikely an additional 30 minutes of Snyder's footage is going to change anyone's opinion if their major issue with the film was Zack Snyder. If anything, it's just going to exacerbate things.

Still, kudos to Fong for basically sticking two fingers up and shouting "Haters gone hate".


Fong is somewhat protected from the immediate wrath of Warner Bros as the frequent Snyder collaborator isn't working with him on Justice League Part One. He will be replaced by Fabian Wagner, who has worked on both Game of Thrones and DaVinci' Demons.

The extended edition will reinstate Jena Malone's character, as well as offering more scenes, including Ben Affleck in the shower for some reason. Here's the trailer:


The special features of the release look like this:

Uniting the Worlds FinestGods and Men: A Meeting of GiantsThe Warrior, The Myth, The WonderAccelerating Design: The New BatmobileSuperman: Complexity & TruthBatman: Austerity & RageWonder Woman: Grace & PowerBatcave: Legacy of the LairThe Might and the Power of a PunchThe Empire of LuthorSave the Bats

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