Image that still gives me hope over Batman/Superman team-up

The image from I AM LEGEND that might still give us hope...

I know it's an old image. We all know this was seen near the beginning of the recent Warner Brothers blockbuster. But let's just think for a moment. If I remember rightly, I AM LEGEND is set in 2012? IF A JLA movie was to be scrapped, this would be probably be the schedule for WB's Batman and Superman franchises over the next few years. 2008 - THE DARK KNIGHT 2010 - SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL 2011 - BATMAN 3 2012 - BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN We all want to see a Batman vs. Superman movie. Don't go lying in the comments section guys, it's been a dream for all of us since we were a kid... or if your like me, since I read Frank Miller's awesome graphic novel THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.


A Batman/Superman team-up will be made sometime, I'm convinced of it. Of course it could well be sooner rather than later with this JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, but as we've all become aware recently and as IESB's sources say... that movie might have been scrapped....
€œJustice League is indeed in danger of not starting production on time and maybe even getting scrapped altogether... The concerns are that the script is not ready to go in front of cameras, and also that the budget is getting a bit out of control, the WGA strike has proven to be Kryptonite to Superman and friends. George Miller really wants this movie to be way big but the cast is 100% unknowns,€
WB should kill this movie and really re-think about their future strategy. What Marvel are doing with THE AVENGERS flick and their whole universe should be the blue-print of what WB should do in the future. Make a stand-alone GREEN LANTERN movie. Do THE FLASH. Find a new director for SUPERMAN but don't go ahead with this JLA garbage. An established Batman and an established Superman, in a movie together is worth a billion dollars. Play it smart, you might only get one shot at this and if this JLA movie blows... you will forever be playing catch-up to Marvel who will be raking in the cash for years to come.
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