"In 7 days God created the world... in 7 days, I shattered mine" - Will Smith's SEVEN POUNDS trailer

Will Smith and director Gabriele Muccino's last movie together THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS was one of the more uplifting Hollywood drama's I have seen in years, possibly the best movie about work and survival since the much lauded Italian neo-realist movie BICYCLE THIEVES from the 1940's. Not suprising I should say that I guess with Muccino being an Italian helmer himself. The movie almost brought me to tears, a wonderful Will Smith performance, he really looks to have found a director who knows how to shoot him in dramatic pics. Their second team-up SEVEN POUNDS is released this Christmas and although the stakes don't quite feel as high for our lead, the early signs of another uplifting movie are good...

We await a HD transfer.

I love the score, even if it's not unsutble in it's intentions. Rosario Dawson and Smith's love story doesn't look quite as interesting as the movie on a whole but that's a small niggle. I like the look of this, Woody Harrelson supports.

Look for it on Dec. 19th.

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