INCEPTION trailer in HD!!

The master showman isn't ready to reveal his whole prestige just yet but this is our biggest glimpse into his latest masterpiece.

As we've said before, Chris Nolan is a true magician. There really is no better way of describing him and right now, he's playing us like a master showman. We don't really have a clue what Inception is about... that is we who don't go hunting for such things. I'm told In Contention spoiled the prestige of the whole thing a while back, and if you wanna see the reveal to the magician's secrets before the big show - then go ahead. Just don't go repeating what you find on this site. And don't come back bitching to me when you've read,what you really didn't want to read and you know, what you really didn't want to know. So if you're not one to hunt for spoilers and you know as much about Inception as what Warner Bros. & Chris Nolan have presented to you - then this movie really has a chance of being the next Matrix for you. And really, can you imagine knowing all the secrets to that movie before you went in to see it - what a travesty that would be. When Nolan wants us to know what Inception is about, he will tell us. If that day happens to be when you pay your money to see it, then so be it. It works for me, but I have a feeling the Joe Public will need a little more, and a fuller, richer and more detailed trailer will probably arrive closer to July. Trailer has a few voice-over clues as to what the film is about (gotta be something to do with dreams & murders... a classic film noir kind of idea, love this!) and we get our first looks at Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murpy and a couple of the other supporting players, though blink and you might miss them. I also believe the voice-over at the end, the "wake-up, wake-up" belongs to Marion Cotillard, who plays DiCaprio's wife here.


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