Incoming New Spectre Trailer Shows Bond The Assassin

Trailer expected to land in the next 24 hours.

Hold on to your lapels James Bond Fans: there's a brand new trailer for Spectre trailer heading in your direction.'s Film Editor extraordinaire Alex Leadbeater has already seen the footage, thanks to an IMAX presentation event in Leicester Square, and it would seem that the rest of the world will follow in his footsteps within the next day or so. The trailer features three supremely exciting moments: first, one "amazing shot of Bond on Westminster bridge with fire behind him", suggesting London is burning (for the second Bond film in a row). There's also the unveiling of SPECTRE's desert base, which has definite shades of the classic volcano base, and the revelation that Bond goes to Spectre (as seen in the first trailer) to kill Christoph Waltz's Franz Oberhauser. But remember, he's definitely not Blofeld. So, despite the distinct feeling that Spectre was going to be a continuation of Bond's personal family history (and an exploration into his ties to the Oberhauser family in his formative years), it would seem there is still the same sort of epic scale destruction that saw MI6 driven underground in Skyfall. Will it come at the cost of more agents? Who knows, but it's nice to see Bond exercising his Licence To Kill, even if he is probably going off-grid and insubordinate to take out his target this time out. The timing of the trailer makes sense: Sam Smith last week unveiled his new theme song and we're now into the month of release for the latest addition to the spy franchise that will never die. Are you excited to see Spectre? Share your excitement below and follow all of our Spectre content here.
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